Smart Things For Smart People

The 2014 TED Conference is finally here and it’s capped off quite a busy stretch of work.

First, we launched Delta Innovation Class. What is it you ask? Throughout the year we’ll be pairing industry leaders heading to big industry events on Delta flights with people trying to break in to their respective fields. Think events along the lines of TED, the James Beard Awards and TechCrunch Disrupt.

Let’s not call this pairing a crash course, let’s call it a 2-5 hour internship instead. You can watch the intro video below and apply for yourself right here.

Second, we debuted the Privaseat, a new invention for Delta flyers.

You know how people watch movies too loud on planes? Or blare music? Or you know those times when some industry leader is talking your ear off about all the great things she’s learned in her many years in the business?

Privaseat is a new product designed to dampen that noise by putting you in your own little sound cocoon.

So now you can have your quiet time, kick your feet up and enjoy reading the TED blog here.


We’re very thankful for the great folks at Delta and TED for making the impossible possible and of course for our imaginative family of people here at 150 Varick…

INNOVATION CLASS: Fab and Carl, Lauren Smith, Sean and John, Kristen Johnson, Jesse Brihn, Nick Setunski, Mutaurwa Mapondera, Evinn Quinn, Tim Holman, Alex Kaminsky, Colin Nelson, Sean Jones, Kap, Quentin Perry, Marshall, Shaw, Cory Everett, Stephanie Laemoa, Erik Blad, Alison Reilly, Kristen Wright, Lauren Amato, Meranne Behrends, Meghan Mullen, Nate, Groff, Erik Norin, Neal and Mark and Susan.

PRIVASEAT: Catherine and Jasperson, Sean and John, Cheryl, Meghan, Nick, Meranne, Nate, Nate’s peeing dog, Meranne, Quentin, Norin, Lauren, Groff, Neal and Susan, and Mark.