USA Tuesday!


In honor of today’s knockout game against Belgium, we thought we’d bring back this old photo of Creative Director Gary Van Dzura (far left), taken on the day he learned to love football from Jozy Altidore on the set of this 2010 This is SportCenter shoot…

Citing his insider status, Gary has reason to believe that we will win.


W+K Hosts She Says


Every month She Says brings women from all walks of creative, advertising, communications and tech together for an evening of conversations over drinks. This month W+K NYC was proud to play host thanks to our very own Jordan Schenck.

The topic du jour was the hyper-interactive customer and we were thrilled to have our very own Susan Hoffman (Global Partner & Executive Creative Director) participate in a panel discussion featuring a variety of other women from great agencies such as JWT, Droga5, and Ready Set Rocket.

Each participant came to the table with limited direction and a unique perspective on how to get to great interactive work: from using social CRM to get a beer drinker to drop what they’re doing and travel the world (Heineken Departure Roulette) to using data to optimize design in service of ROI (Intel Design, by JWT).

At the end of the night, everyone walked away feeling assured that there isn’t one magic formula. We are all facing the same set of unknowns. The best way to move forward is to know the customer, embrace new solutions and just try, try again.

We encourage all men and women out there to check out the next She Says event in your area of the world.

Drink Up Thirsty Computers


What you’re about to see in the link below, is the product of two years of development.

What you’re about to enjoy, is the world’s first open-source cocktail-creation platform.

What you’re about to swear by, is the faithfully-devoted, elbow-greased handiwork of Trevor, Carl, Kate, Alex, Colin, Jen, Victoria, Molly, Toby, Erik, Yann, Steph, Kap, Pracht, Marshall, Quentin, Sean, Julia, Dryer, Laddie, Darren, Nate, Jake, George, Jeff, Chris, Cody, Legwork and The Mill.

It is tumblers and snifters and mason jars and top hats.

It is liquor and liqueur and mixers and lobster claws.

It is the freedom to make your drink, on your terms, and share it, and download it, without any NSA censorship.

It is: the NEW

Thank you FWA for making it your Site of the Day. We hope you and your computers fancy it just as much tomorrow. And the day after that.

So please go on and make a drink in honor of someone you know, a team you love, or an incident you’d rather forget.